Inspection Body Accreditation

Inspection Body Accreditation (ISO/IEC 17020)

USAS offers globally recognized accreditation programs for inspection bodies. USAS accreditation demonstrate that an organization has met the international standard for inspection bodies and is qualified to carry out inspections.

USAS focuses on customer needs while ensuring conformance with requirements and need for accreditation bodies to oversee the work of third-party conformity assessment bodies and thus provide credibility and confidence for those relying on inspection, tests and certification.

Inspection bodies give the assurance that the associated facilities, systems & equipments fit the work being done. Inspection bodies are also involved in the evaluation of the safety of specific products and materials ,they may evaluate services as well as physical assets.

USAS accreditation is a proof for the inspection bodies that they are working on the parameters of national, international standards & regulations.

USAS is accrediting the entities which are performing the Inspection Services as per the guideline of ISO 17020 in the following areas :

  1. Asbestos Surveys
  2. Building and Construction Products
  3. Engineering Inspection
  4. Food Inspection
  5. Health and Social Care
  6. Care Home Inspection
  7. Fire Protection Systems
  8. Railway Competence
  9. Environmental Technology Verification